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AQUAKOR prides itself in being a leading laminate flooring company. If you are looking for premium quality laminate floors, you've come to the right place!


For an innovative, easy, and cost-effective flooring solution, a laminate floor may be the best floor you. Using laminate flooring in homes allows you to recreate the look of real hardwood flooring, in a variety of "species," and in a budget-friendly way. 
You can choose from natural colors and dark wood grains as well as warm or cool color tones to compliment any room décor in your home.

As an alternate to wood or tile for So Cal homes, laminate flooring offers both looks and durability. AQUAKOR's Laminate flooring is a very durable surface for high traffic areas and offers ease of cleaning and a long lasting wear surface. From oak to maple to ash, laminate wood flooring can replicate almost any kind of wood with unbelievable realism.


As far as durability, laminate flooring in California is unmatched when it comes to everyday wear and tear. Along with its style and strength, laminate is designed for the “do-it-yourself” kind of person, and with its glue-less technology, it is a snap. Laminate flooring in Los Angeles and vicinity areas, is becoming increasingly popular for both household and commercial applications due to the current state of the economy and the fact that it is durable.


This scratch-resistant and low-maintenance flooring solution for your home or office can be used with confidence, and you can still enjoy the appearance of a solid hardwood at a fraction of the cost.


Our team of professional installers are second to none in offering premium craftsmanship that is recognized locally, nationally and even worldwide. When it comes to laminate flooring installation, only the AQUAKOR team has the expertise and experience you’re looking for.

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